What is IslandBargains.com?

IslandBargains.com is an online shipping platform that provides affordable and simple shipping throughout the Caribbean with an innovative and cost-effective approach. With rising cost and hassles of travel, more and more people are discovering how they can save time, money and hassle by shopping online. Island Bargains.com was designed to simplify the process of shipping to the Caribbean, making online shopping and shipping convenient and secure.

Our History and Mission

Combining a family history of retail experience with the latest internet technology, IslandBargains.com is an innovative online shipping platform, designed to provide easy and affordable shipping to the Caribbean. Our mission is to make shipping easier and more affordable for both businesses and individual shippers. IslandBargains.com shipping combined with IBPacks, our proprietary logistics software, simplifies the shipping process and ensures that customers are getting the best rates and turnaround time available. With a 20,000 sq. ft warehouse conveniently located at Port Everglades, and high volume shipping discounts, IslandBargains.com offers the best shipping platform and lower rates in the market, with clearing included. Shipping to every island, every week! So, whether you're purchasing household goods for your family, or shopping with your favorite U.S retailer, let Islandbargains.com get your products to you, on time, and at a bargain price. And as always, remember, we are here "FOR THE PEOPLE"!